Monthly and Seasonal Camping

When you set off on an adventure, you like to do it with all the little luxuries of home. We don’t blame you—that’s why our top priority is making sure that our Tucson RV park is equipped with the modern necessities and comforts that will make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. We like to treat our long-term RV guests as we would our own family.

In true resort style, we provide both the amenities that you expect when you want to stay put as well as a calendar full of activities when you’re craving some social fun. Diverse day trip options make it possible for you to enjoy Tucson and the surrounding area without ever having to move your RV or pack a bag. If you want to get cozy, you have the freedom to customize your lot and meet plenty of other campers who have the same thing in mind—rest, relaxation, and healthy dose of adventure. There’s no better place to spend a few winter months than Southern Arizona and more specifically, our Tucson RV park and camping resort.

We invite you to spend a weekend or tour our property for the day.

Camping Rates

Seasonal Rates:

Monthly - Water/Sewer/Cable $599
Monthly Premium Pull Thru - W/S/C $749
3 Months - Water/Sewer/Cable $1,650
4 Months - Water/Sewer/Cable $2,200
Yearly - Water/Sewer/Cable $3,650